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Ad Hoc Scientific Pvt. Ltd.

We are an entrepreneurial venture, rapidly thriving, with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns as our flagship products.

Better Performance Guaranteed! Our HPLC analytical columns are designed to boost performance and achieve efficiency. We manufacture customized dimensions of analytical and preparative columns on requests.

  • Greater Surface Area
  • Efficient Packing
  • Consistent Results
  • Better Resolution
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Fully Porous Alpha Columns

The ALPHA Series represents a high-performance C18, C8, CN, Amino, SCX, and Phenyl phase based on a new type of silica gel developed to show better retention, greater selectivity and high loadability, caused by its Exceptional high surface area. The bonding density is chosen with respect to optimal selectivity for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, enabling even the use of 100% aqueous eluents.

Prudent Columns

Prudent C18 columns are Perfect “all-purpose” column for analytical and preparative use with High resolution of complex mixtures and Ideal retention. Prudent C18 columns are manufactured with ultra-pure and high surface area silica with three different bonding and Endcapping technologies. These columns have unique functionality and bonding technology to achieve excellent resolution, good peak symmetry and high performance.

Ghost Peak Removal Columns

Ghost peaks are contaminant peaks that appear even when no sample is injected. There are many causes for ghost peaks. One of the major cause is dirt and shocks and impurities in the mobile phase including water.

Our product - The Ghost Terminator Column is perfectly suitable for HPLC analysis.


  • Purification

    As a leading column manufacturer in India with proficient development and manufacturing capability and technology platform, Ad Hoc Scientific offers one-stop preparative chromatographic stand-alone services for separation and purification. Our team is experienced in handling preparative chromatographic method scale-up, method optimization, process validation. Currently, our Pune site is equipped with prep-HPLC systems that can support gram scale purification.

  • Method Development

    UV detectors are most commonly used. It is a robust, inexpensive and versatile detection technique since most com- pounds absorb light, especially at low UV wavelengths. It is possible to use a Diode Array Detector (DAD) and allow monitoring at multiple wavelengths simultaneously. The downside is that a UV detector is not analyte specific and requires that the analyte absorb more light than sample matrix at the set wavelength. Therefore it is advisable to check the analyte absorbance in the mobile phase.

  • Validation

    Validation is the act of proving that any approach, strategy, experimental procedure, process, laboratory staff, instrumentation, reagents, and room conditions selected for the method will function in a proper way under a fixed set of conditions. Besides, it can be used to individually evaluate the appropriateness of these factors. The validation evaluates the range and conditions of applicability, and checks if every future measurement in routine analysis will provide a concentration of the analyte close enough to the true value.

  • Sample Analysis

    Analysis of the samples is an essential part of chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses. The process is intended to provide a representative, reproducible, and homogenous solution that is suitable for injection into the column for chromatographic analysis, or into an ICP-MS/atomic adsorption source, or into a cuvette or NMR tube for further characterization. The aim of sample preparation is to provide a sample aliquot that (a) is relatively free of interferences, (b) will not damage the column or instrument and (c) is compatible with the intended analytical method.


Joining Adhoc Scientific is about joining a culture of openness, growth, collaboration, ambition, and the opportunity to broaden your horizons and ideas. The development of every team player is extremely important to us - helping you grow helps us to become better at what we do. The organization provides real and valuable opportunities through a competency model based on a diverse range of programmes that include a wide selection of career training and development workshops.

Inside Sales

Location: Pune
Vacancies: 02
Qualifications: MSc. Chemistry/B. Pharm/M. Pharm/MSc. Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Microbiology/Other Sciences
Experience: 0-2 years
Desired Expertise:
Excellent communication skills and work ethic.
Proactive and hard-working with a strong 'presence of mind'.
Sound technical knowledge and a keen learner.
Ability to prioritize, plan and manage competing deadlines.
Powerful convincing prowess and pitching skills.

On-Site sales

Ad Hoc Scientific Pvt. Ltd. is looking out for candidates based out of Ahmedabad, Hyderabad or Bangalore in the technical sales role.

Following would be skills/experience required:
2-5 years experience in sales and marketing with pharmaceutical companies as key clients.
Good knowledge of HPLC columns and accessories.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Good technical demonstration and presentation skills
Willing to travel 50% of the times
Hands-on HPLC Experience will be considered as a bonus

Salary depending on industry standards and candidate experience
Lucrative incentives
Travel allowance extra
5 day working/week

Interested candidates can email their application at


Year of Establishment

Customer Service

Hard Workers

Technical Support

Technical Seminar Request

We offer one-to-one seminars to provide deeper technological understanding tailored towards global customers, scientists and manufacturers.

Sample Analysis at our Facility

We draw on our analytical expertise to provide accurate data for routine and non-routine tests for quality and research purposes.

Application Development at Your Lab

We extend full support in applications on our columns at customer site to ensure robust, repeatable and reproducible methods.


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Office No 3/03, Periwinkle, Opposite Supreme HQ, Baner, Pune 411045.

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