The Prudent C18 Column

Prudent C18 columns are Perfect “all-purpose” columns for analytical use with High resolution of complex mixtures and Ideal retention.
Prudent C18 columns are manufactured with ultra-pure and high surface area silica with three different bonding and Endcapping technologies.
These columns have unique functionality and bonding technology to achieve excellent resolution, good peak symmetry and high performance.
Prudent columns are designed to increase productivity, as they offer maximum load ability, excellent stability while maintaining superior resolution, consistent performance, uncompromising chromatography and have an extended lifetime even under the most demanding conditions.
Prudent C18 columns are an ideal choice for polar compounds.

Comparative Studies

The above figure represents the studies of the Prudent Series - Prudent C18 5μ w.r.t. American and Japanese competitors.

Technical Specification

Bonding Phase Prudent C18 Prudent C18 T Prudent C18 γ
Average Particle Size (μm) 5 μm 5 μm 5 μm
Average Pore Size (Å) 100 100 100
Specific Surface Area (m.sq/g) 330 320 320
Average Pore Volume (ml/g) 0.8 0.8 0.8
Carbon Load (%) 18 18 18
pH Range 2-8 2-8 2-8
USP Listing (Bonding Type) monofunctional trifunctional idiosyncratic

Hydrophobic Hydrophobic Retention Hydrophillic Extremely Hydrophillic Acidic Basic
Prudent C18
Prudent C18 T
Prudent C18 γ